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Budget Brief:

2017 Proposed City of Milwaukee Budget

Latest Research Released...

Budget Brief: Milwaukee County 2017 Executive Budget

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A Fork in the Road?
The outlook for transportation infrastructure in the city and county of Milwaukee

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Property Values and Taxes in Southeast Wisconsin

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The Quest for Quality: How YoungStar is affecting child care in Milwaukee County

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Oct, 2016

Our analysis of the City of Milwaukee proposed budget finds the City faces familiar challenges in 2017, including flat intergovernmental revenues and growing Milwaukee Police Department (MPD) expenditure needs. Despite these challenges, we find that the proposed budget is able to maintain ...

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Oct 17, 2016
If there is one thing you can count on pertaining to the City of Milwaukee’s annual proposed budget, it’s this: all things being equal, you’re going to get a fiscally responsible budget that preserves key services and addresses pressing infrastructure needs. Yet, because of the City's limited...

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